Welcome to Business Technology Partners

Business Technology Partners is an Information Technology and Telecommunications solution and service provider.  We're based in Adelaide, South Australia, and we specialise in serving small to medium businesses.

This is also the home for Business Telephony Partners. The BTP Group look after IT and Phone solutions.

We are proud of our personalised, friendly service, so we have no need for a faceless corporate help desk.  Our clients know who we are and we take the time to get to know our clients and their needs.

We at BTP believe in finding the correct solution for the correct use.

We don’t blindly “Follow the crowd”. We are certainly limited by the technology available at the time however it is more important to us to understand how you work and what we can do to make things work better for you.

This is regardless of internet, cloud, phone, computer or software technologies.


BTP have been fighting hard against hackers and Malware. We have teamed up with the Trend Micro research teams and have had a close relationship with law enforcement.

If you need forensics completed or simply to report an eCrime, we are there to assist you.