Testimonials and References

We are in the process of gathering together some client testimonials.  Check back soon for more nice words from our satisfied clients.

Beverly Industries Australia

Bower Place (Server, workstations, software, monitoring and phone systems)

Cargotraders (National Network)

Jobfit (Microsoft Software, Firewalls, Advanced remote access servers, national network)

Meister Belperio Clark

Microsoft (Michael Jenkin's MVP award) (Microsoft Products)

Motor Neurone Disease Association of SA Inc 

Scantech (International Network)

VKS-737 Radio Network (National Phone system)

"The team at BTP always provide prompt IT sales and service and are dedicated to assisting their clients in achieving their IT goals. BTP’s range of expertise are highly regarded and would be recommended to all business both small and large or to any organisation that simply have a need to engage a quality trusted SA based IT consulting firm....."

Jobfit 2013