Other products

BTP are constantly adding to their stable of products.
Whilst we can't list every product here, there are a few companies offering unique products that are worth a mention.

Email signature management

BTP are an Australian Reseller for Exclaimer. Their products are simple to use and very effective. Exclaimer offer email signature management solutions and also email archiving solutions.

Business Internet solutions

BTP are an Internode Systems Integrator. We can help with Nodephone and PABX integration. We can also help with Corporate internet solutions and network links.

We have access to Uniti wireless solutions, NBN via numerous cariers and fibre links through TPG and Vocus.

BTP can also assist with routers and wireless systems.

Best of breed antivirus

We have centered our solutions around a core level of security using Trend Micro Antivirus solutions. This includes server and cloud based technology. Using Trend Micro we can protect your network and home machines.

Onsite backup solutions

Using Veritas tape and disk technologies we can give you the best protection possible. If you have a need for online cloud backups, just ask.

Veritas and Datto have provided all the tools.

Server and workstation platforms

Microsoft have proven time and time again that they deliver productive products for managing your network and business needs. BTP have access to the full range of products and are constantly retraining as new products emerge. This includes Virtual severs.


BTP solutions are based on a solid Hewlett Packard base. The servers and workstations have excellent build quality, features and support.

Hp provide a wide range of equipment including printers, laptops, workstations, servers, network switches and much more.

Firewall solutions

Firewalls and routers have needed to get more and more intelligent over the past few years. Attacks form the internet have become more sophisticated and more frequent. Using SonicWALL hardware we are able to protect you now and into the future.