Motor Neurone Disease Association of SA Inc

The MND Association provides information, education and counselling to all people in South Australia whose lives have been affected by Motor Neurone Disease (MND).

A diagnosis of MND presents many challenges and patients and families frequently state they feel quite overwhelmed and anxious at this time. MNDASA provide information about MND and its implications, the sources of help and support within the community as well as resources to help with mobility and communication.

MNDASA are worthy worthy of our support, now andinto the future.


Scouts Australia - Glenelg

BTP have been supporting the international Jota/Joti event annually. This includes servers, laptops, internet access, software and expertise. Helping scouts communicate with other scouts around the world by the internet and radio


Australasian Institute of Policing

The Australasian Institute of Policing is a non-industrial, not-for-profit incorporated association that has been established by police practitioners, for police practitioners to further the policing profession and thereby enhance policing services to our communities.